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What Is Motivational Interviewing?There are many different approaches to addiction treatment, and one that is increasing in popularity is motivational interviewing. Motivational interviewing is designed to avoid conflict during the addiction treatment process and to create a climate that facilitates change and improvement. Motivational interviewing can be a highly effective for some Anchorage addicts because it makes users feel comfortable and less like they are being judged for their addiction. While motivational interviewing may not be right for all users, for some users it can be a highly effective form of therapy that helps them get the most out of addiction recovery treatment.

What Anchorage Addicts Can Expect from Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is a therapy technique designed to encourage and uplift a user instead of possibly creating arguments or confrontations that can detract from the treatment process. Motivational interviewing helps therapists develop relationships with users, allowing them to have engaging conversations that eliminate possible defensiveness or resistance from a user undergoing addiction treatment. Using motivational interviewing as a therapy technique can help therapists assess Anchorage users’ perception of their problem, increase their positivity regarding the chances of a successful recovery, and to create a more positive environment for them to experience effective addiction treatment.

How Does Motivational Interviewing Fit Into Addiction Treatment for Anchorage Residents?

Motivational interviewing is not a substitute for addiction treatment but may be a positive supplement to the overall addiction treatment of some Anchorage residents. Motivational interviewing can be a good form of therapy because it provides a positive frame of mind and users come away from motivational interviewing encouraged about their recovery. During addiction treatment, motivational interviewing would most likely be employed during individual therapy sessions where the user receives one-on-one therapy to address his addiction. During these sessions Anchorage addicts may speak with a therapist about what they have learned about their addiction and how they are going to avoid relapse after treatment. Motivational interviewing can be used to reinforce things already learned and to teach users more about their addiction and how it affects them.

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