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The Risks of Drug Use During Physical Activities

When you engagesin physically demanding activities, such as exercise or sports, then your mind and body need proper nutrition

Drug abuse changes the chemical makeup in the body and brain. The changes that occur within the brain can range from mild mood swings to more severe cases of depression or aggression. The physical consequences of drug abuse can range from excessive sweating or trouble sleeping to respiratory depression, organ failure and even death. When an Anchorage resident engages in physically demanding activities, such as exercise or playing a sport, then her mind and body need proper nutrition, rest and a chemically sound structure to perform at peaks. The problem is that, when drugs enter the system, they disrupt sleep patterns, nutritional habits and chemical balances, thereby reducing physical performance.

Anchorage residents may abuse performance enhancing drugs, because they think that such substances will increase performance levels and allow them to reach new peaks. However, performance enhancing substances can have numerous adverse side effects, including the following examples:

  • Increased risk of ruptured tendons
  • Abnormal liver functioning or tumors
  • An increase in bad cholesterol
  • A decrease in good cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Circulatory problems
  • Abnormal heart functioning
  • Increase in irritability and aggression
  • Spikes of rage or violence toward others
  • Depression and other psychological disorders
  • Dependence and addiction
  • Risk of HIV or hepatitis among those who inject drugs
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Diabetes

Other drugs that are not intended to enhance performance can pose numerous risks to those who are physically active. Central nervous system (CNS) depressants are some of the most common substances of abuse. When Anchorage residents abuse CNS depressants, they have increased risks of respiratory depression and abnormal heart rates. If they engage in physically demanding activity while under the influence of a CNS depressant, then they may have an increased risk for heart attack and seizure, both of which can be fatal.

Stimulating substances, such as Adderall or cocaine, can also lead to numerous risks for Anchorage residents who engage in physical activity. Feelings of lightheadedness and dizziness are commonly associated with the abuse of stimulants, which can increase the likelihood of fainting and being harmed due to a fall. Abusing stimulants can lead to an excessively rapid heartbeat, which can grow even worse by heightened physical activity. An excessively rapid heart rate can cause users to lose consciousness and die, so seek out treatment immediately from a licensed, professional rehab service to avoid the risks of continued abuse.

Help for Anchorage Drug Addicts

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