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Teen Help InformationDrug rehab programs for teens are available to help addicted teens recover. Teen addiction rehabs are designed to help you overcome your addiction while addressing some of the common issues teens are dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

Entering rehab can be a terrifying experience, but if you are aware of what is addressed and discussed in rehab, you will be better prepared which can help you successfully achieve recovery. There are teen drug rehab programs for Anchorage teens all over the country; some are designed to treat adult teens whereas others are designed with younger teens in mind.

What Are the Issues Discussed in Teen Drug Rehab?

There are a number of teen-specific issues that lead to drug addiction and drug abuse. These are all discussed in detail during teen drug rehab programs. The most common issues that relate to teen addiction include:

  • Self-image issues. Young people often feel a great deal of self-consciousness in terms of their appearance or social status. In the most extreme situations, this can lead to a pain they will seek to numb with drugs and alcohol.
  • Coping with abuse. Sometimes, kids develop drug addictions as a means of coping with physical or sexual abuse. Without the courage to reach out and ask for help, drugs become a crutch that is leaned on heavily – often until a full-blown addiction develops.
  • Peer pressure. It may sound cliché, but peer pressure is still one of the primary reasons kids abuse drugs.  However, while some young people can stop using whenever they feel they have hit their limit, others continue on until dependency occurs.

In addition to addressing these common problems, you will receive intensive therapy during your inpatient rehab treatment.

Counseling During Teen Rehabilitation

Counseling represents the heart of any good teen drug rehab program. This is because it allows you to get at the core issues behind your addiction and learn how to enact real, significant change in your life that will help you break the cycle of addiction. There are three types of counseling found in the majority of teen drug treatment programs: individual, group and family therapy.

  • Individual counseling. This involves one-on-one sessions with a drug addiction counselor where you have a chance to talk about your experiences at home or school and discover the root causes behind the addiction.
  • Group counseling. Group therapy is a chance to talk frankly with other young people in the program about experiences and challenges. For many, the fact that they are talking in a public forum about their drug addiction represents a real breakthrough.
  • Family counseling. You are not the only one whose life is impacted by drugs.   Family members often bear much of the brunt of teen drug addiction.  Family counseling offers an opportunity for parents and siblings to have their needs and issues addressed as the family begins the healing process.

Finding Help for Anchorage Teen Addicts

We can help you locate a qualified rehab facility that specializes in treating teens with addictions. Oftentimes, it’s helpful for Anchorage adult teens to get outside of their home environment and seek treatment at an inpatient rehab facility. For more information about Anchorage drug treatment and beyond Alaska, please call us at the number provided.