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Recovery Challenges Facing Single MothersAddiction affects people in every kind of family situation. For single mothers facing addiction problems, their children may provide them a lot of love, support and inspiration. Meeting the responsibilities of motherhood while also fighting their addiction, however, can add up to an impossible challenge.

Fortunately, there are ways to address the special concerns of single mothers and help give them, and their children, a chance at drug-free living.

Income Concerns for Single Moms Entering Addiction Recovery

Keeping up with household expenses can be difficult for families with only one adult to earn wages and care for the children. Finding time away from work and money to pay for treatment can be crucial to the success of single moms entering addiction treatment.

Treatment program are sometimes able to help bridge this gap with outpatient programs that leave time for work and payment scales that slide down depending on income. Some programs that are supported by charities or government agencies are even able to treat single mothers at no cost.

Child Custody When Mom Enters Addiction Rehab

A single mother’s biggest fear may not be the consequences of her addiction but the possibility of losing custody or contact with her children. Single mothers may be reluctant to pursue treatment openly because any sign of drug use, even beginning treatment to recover from it, could leave them vulnerable to challenges to continued custody or even visitation rights.

Eventually, an untreated addiction will cause real problems the children of that addict. Treatment is the best way to protect children and maintain parental rights. It is important to also remember that medical information, including addiction treatment information, is private and that privacy is protected by federal law.

Childcare during Addiction Treatment

A mother must arrange care for small children in order to attend addiction treatment. Depending on the type of treatment and the child, tagging along to meetings of mutual aid groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, may be an acceptable solution.  Some AA meetings are open to anyone, including children. In other groups, parents support each other by watching over each other’s children while the other parents attend the meetings.

Outpatient or Inpatient Addiction Treatment?

Single mothers, like addicts in any situation, can benefit from either inpatient or outpatient treatment programs. Each format offers some benefits and drawbacks.

Inpatient programs allow patients to move into an on-site residence while pursuing their treatment. This situation gives the patient an immediate escape from some of the everyday stressors and triggers that may have pushed her toward drugs in the first place. Treatment can also be given fuller attention when commonplace duties and activities are left at home. Some treatment programs give single mothers this treatment opportunity by providing residence apartments that can accommodate children along with play areas and childcare services.

Outpatient treatment may be the best option for other single mothers. Even though it may be nice for her to be removed from everyday stresses, a vacation from employment or other daily necessities of life may not be practical. Outpatient programs allow women to receive intensive counseling and treatment during the hours they have available while still maintaining their employment. Keeping the comforts of home during the challenges of treatment is also an advantage for some mothers.

Addiction Help for Single Mothers

If you are a single mother and need help with addiction recovery, call our 24 hour helpline. The toll-free number can connect you with admissions counselors who will discuss options for treatment and recovery.