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OxyContin Addiction HelpOxyContin is a time-released form of oxycodone, a drug formulated for pain management. The chemicals present in each dose of OxyContin stimulate opiate receptors and reward centers in the body and brain. OxyContin blocks the transmission and reception of pain signals and can provide a general sense of wellbeing and calm. The use of OxyContin for prolonged periods of time or in high doses is associated with the potential for tolerance, dependency and addiction. OxyContin is frequently used recreationally to produce feelings of euphoria and escape. Recreational users in Anchorage become addicted rapidly due to the nature of the substance and unregulated dosage amounts.

The Process of OxyContin Addiction in Anchorage

No matter how or why an Anchorage resident begins using OxyContin, addiction will develop in a similar way. The rate at which addiction occurs will vary, and the most visible sign that an individual may be at risk for addiction is tolerance. Tolerance can be defined as the scenario in which a person using OxyContin experiences the need to increase the size or frequency of their dose in order to produce the same level of effectiveness. This happens because of the body’s ability to counteract the effects of the chemicals in OxyContin. Tolerance often leads to dependency, a situation in which a patient or recreational drug user feels he or she can’t function normally without regular (usually chronic) doses of OxyContin. If you can find yourself tolerant to, dependent on or addiction to OxyContin, quality treatment options do exist. These options are specifically designed to address OxyContin use problems and are individualized to meet your unique needs.

OxyContin Addiction Help for Anchorage Residents

Taking the initial step and asking for help may seem overwhelming, but if you live in the Anchorage area and want to explore treatment options, we can help. All calls are free and confidential, and there is no reason not to call and get more information. We are available 24 hours a day, and we look forward to hearing from you. You can find the OxyContin addiction help you need; call today.