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Mental Health and Addiction TreatmentWhen an Anchorage resident suffers from a mental health disease and an addiction to alcohol or other drugs, she has a dual disorder. In order to diagnose a dual disorder, a clinician must distinguish between the symptoms of a mental health disease and psychiatric symptoms brought on by addiction. Dual disorders are difficult to diagnose, because the symptoms of mental health issues are often diminished, worsened, or induced by substance abuse. After an official diagnosis, dual disorders are treatable through Dual Diagnosis treatment, a specialized type of drug rehab that simultaneously treats a person for mental health and addiction.

Why is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Important?

Anchorage residents who suffer from dual disorders, such as alcoholism and depression, face unique challenges in the battle for addiction recovery. In the past, when patients in addiction treatment demonstrated symptoms of a mental health disorder, clinicians either mislabeled these symptoms as a reaction to toxicity or mere misconduct. When symptoms were appropriately recognized as mental health issues, patients were often transferred to a mental health facility.

Before Dual Diagnosis treatment, patients often bounced back and forth between mental health facilities and drug rehabs, never fully recovering from either problem. In worst case scenarios, patients were refused treatment from both facilities, on the premise that their problems were unrelated to the rendered services.

In Dual Diagnosis treatment, medical professionals, mental health professionals, and addiction professionals work together in one setting for one goal: addiction recovery and the management of mental illness for every patient. Due to the deep and complex connection between mental health and addiction, transferring a drug rehab patient to a mental health facility is not a solution, but instead, places the Anchorage resident in an environment where she cannot accomplish addiction recovery. For successful and long term recovery, all aspects of a dual disorder must be treated at once, in one treatment facility. Integrated treatment programs make this possible.

Help Finding Addiction and Mental Health Treatment for Anchorage Residents

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