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Raising awareness about the facts behind substance abuse, addiction and mental health disorders is the key goal of National Recovery Month. According to an article posted on National Recovery Month’s website, The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration sponsored the 2013 National Recovery Month, which held 1,230 different events nationwide. The National Recovery Month estimated that more than 1.5 million people attended these various events where people participated in celebrations, dances, workshops, conferences, parades, rallies, walks and runs that all focused on raising awareness about the disease of addiction. The organization helps people understand that addiction is a treatable disease, that professional treatment is effective and that people can recover.

National Recovery Month has a growing support system with numerous people. It utilizes the following efforts to support and increase public awareness:

  • Elected officials
  • Policymakers
  • Education leaders
  • Judges
  • Health providers
  • The faith community
  • Local and national activities
  • Media exposure

The National Recovery Month states that the 2013 events were mentioned in more than 660 articles, which resulted in media coverage of approximately more than 5.2 million dollars. The National Recovery Month challenges the stigmas of addiction through media outlets like television and radio to raise awareness about the following topics:

  • Information about the numerous treatment options available throughout the country
  • Presentations and advertisements that highlight the value of support systems during recovery
  • Resources that aid local preventative measures, treatment and recovery support

Raising public awareness is essential to breaking the stigma of addiction, because then addicts can feel more comfortable seeking help while avoiding the consequences of drug abuse. The 2013 National Recovery Month held events in all 50 states, and it taught local communities about the disease model of addiction. When the general public understands addiction, they break the stigmas that addiction is simply a choice that willpower can correct. Much like the general public, as healthcare professionals and struggling addicts understand the disease model of addiction, then treatment becomes more accessible to addicts in need. Many addicts understand their need for treatment, but they may avoid it to hide their struggles from others who may pass unfair judgment. However, with the number of people that National Recovery Month can reach and the magnitude of awareness it can raise, the stigma of addiction can be broken.

Finding Treatment for Addiction

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