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While in treatment a recovering Anchorage addict and a knowledgeable trained therapist will help the addict set goals that are achievable and that support a drug-free life. These goals can range from accomplishing and maintaining sobriety to setting healthy boundaries with family and friends. All goals are different and are based on a personal need and want.

What Are the Signs of Addiction Recovery Progress?

Various goals lead to various signs of success in recovery Anchorage residents. However some common signs of progress include the following:

  • Sobriety. Staying sober and drug or alcohol-free is a clear and obvious sign of addiction recovery success.
  • Health. While an individual is using drugs, his or her health suffers. Simple everyday activities and physical tasks become easier, as recovery progresses.
  • Financial responsibility. Anchorage residents can pay bills, repay debt and become financially responsible, when they are making progress in recovery and no longer spending money on drugs.
  • Positive relationships. Recovering Anchorage residents can repair old relationships and pursue positive new ones. Having a solid social support base is a sign of recovery progress.
  • Confidence. Addiction recovery involves gaining confidence in the ability to live to a sober life.

Making progress involves physical signs of recovery success and an overall increase in mental stability. Confidence, better decision-making skills and lifestyle changes help Anchorage residents maintain sobriety.

How Can Anchorage Residents Continue to Make Addiction Recovery Progress?

There are many different programs that help Anchorage residents find support after treatment, maintain sobriety or take the first step towards a drug and alcohol-free life. Some recovery options include the following:

  • Group therapy. Many counseling services offer group therapy to help recovering addicts that are struggling with sobriety. Discussing struggles helps all participants gain perspective and advice.
  • Individual therapy. Individual therapy allows Anchorage residents to discuss personal issues, to work on resolve underlying consequences of addiction and to receive professional one-on-one attention.
  • Talking with family and friends. Supportive family members and friends will encourage Anchorage residents to become and stay sober. They form a strong foundation for a sober life.

Addiction Rehabilitation and Treatment for Anchorage Residents

You can make progress in recovery, and we can help. Call our toll-free helpline to learn about options for getting sober, staying sober and moving forward with your life. Our understanding recovery counselors are available 24 hours a day, so please call now.