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holistic drug treatmentThere is a growing movement among drug rehab programs to offer holistic elements of care in addition to traditional addiction treatment services.  There are a number of benefits to holistic drug rehab that can help you enjoy overall wellness long after your addiction treatment program has ended.

Understanding the elements of holistic drug rehab will help you decide if this type of treatment is the right choice.

What Are the Elements of  Holistic Drug Treatment?

Holistic drug rehab programs vary, but there are a few things that can currently be found at almost all of them. Eastern practices and treatment philosophies are often woven into traditional psychotherapy and treatment. At your holistic drug treatment program, you can expect to find:

  • Yoga. Yoga and hot yoga help the individual achieve better physical health while also enhancing overall wellness.  Individuals who take part in yoga are better able to focus on the task at hand – in this case, recovery from drug addiction.
  • Meditation. Recovery from drug addiction requires the individual to shut out all distractions from the outside world.  Meditation trains you to do just that. With meditation, stress is lowered and focus is enhanced; as a result, the individual is able to focus more purely on recovery.
  • Acupuncture. Professional acupuncturists have for generations isolated the areas of the body that cause stress and discomfort. This can help the recovering addicted relieve tension and apprehension at a time when they must break down certain walls and remove distractions in the name of sobriety.

These various programs and activities all tie into your overall treatment plan. Knowing how the holistic approach works will also be beneficial when you have to make a decision regarding what type of treatment will be best for you.

How Does Holistic Drug Rehab Work?

While there are some drug rehab centers that deal exclusively in the kinds of holistic care listed above, most incorporate these practices into a more traditional treatment model, including:

  • Drug Detox. At a holistic rehab center, an individual is likely to engage in natural detox, where they stop using drugs completely while under the supervision of medical professionals. There may be a number of withdrawal symptoms associated with this process, but once complete, the individual is stronger and better prepared for the remainder of rehab.
  • Drug Counseling. Through individual, group and family counseling, the recovering addict is able to come to terms with the sources of their addiction, and learn how to make long-term changes that encourage ongoing sobriety.
  • Aftercare. This is where individuals learn to cope with a sober life, post-rehab. Twelve-step group meetings and additional life skills counseling provide support and accountability in the weeks and months following treatment.

Finding Holistic Treatment

If you believe holistic treatment would benefit you, please call us for help in locating a facility. Anchorage drug treatment options have limited options when it comes to holistic treatment but we can help you find one in the lower 48.