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Do I Have to Participate in a 12-step Program?You may be required to attend a 12-step program due to a court-order or rehab program mandate. So, in the sense of attendance, yes, you may be forced to be in a 12-step program. But, attendance and participation are far from the same activity. You cannot be forced to participate in a 12-step program just as you cannot be made to feel or think a certain way. However, 12-step programs, if you give them the chance to affect your life, can make a positive change.

What Happens during 12-step Rehabilitation?

One of the most important considerations to be made when choosing a rehab facility is the facility’s relationship with aftercare programs. A quality facility should either offer an aftercare program of its own, or be able to connect Anchorage patients with one that works for them. Not all of these aftercare programs are the same, but many of them employ the 12-step program. These programs are accessible and useful for those who wish to abstain from alcohol, continue the recovery from alcoholism, or anyone who is interested in recovery. Not all rehab programs use 12-step programs, because the most important facet of rehab is that it works for the participants—not vice versa.

The Downside to 12-step Rehabilitation for Anchorage Residents

The following are some possible downsides of 12-step programs:

  • One of the few critiques of 12-step processes is that they generally proclaim addiction and behavior to be out of one’s control. By admitting that you lack the ability to defeat addiction, it is possible that recovering addicts may not feel compelled to demonstrate proofs of transformation. Anchorage addicts must learn to stay sober and be able to show it.
  • The discussion of past or current drug use can actually trigger cravings for drugs. Spending an hour on drug addiction does not mean that you are fostering a desire to change.
  • Many 12-step programs are religiously based or composed. While this inclusion of religion may help some, for other Anchorage residents it can only augment their sense of loneliness and separation.

Benefits of 12-step Rehabilitation for Anchorage Residents

The following are potential benefits of 12-step addiction recovery programs:

  • The common 12-step programs have withstood the test of time. They have been practiced for decades and have stacks of testimonials from successful participants.
  • These programs demand personal responsibility. These programs discourage conversation that deflects responsibility.
  • The religious aspects are great solutions for many addicts. 12-step programs attempt to address the deeper or underlying causes of addiction through a philosophy of how life works, thus preparing Anchorage addicts for life after rehab.
  • Because 12-step programs are often nationally networked, the community and support of their home group is available to them wherever they may go.

Addiction Rehabilitation Help for Anchorage Residents

If you or someone that you care about in Anchorage is suffering from drug abuse, and the abuse needs to be addressed, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. The trained and experienced professionals answering the phones will be able to answer your initial questions and even arrange transportation to a rehab facility of your choice. 12-step programs and other forms of aftercare may be helpful, but for those who are currently addicted, professional inpatient care comes prior to aftercare support. Please begin the process of sobriety and choose to participate rather than attend.