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Causes of Drug AddictionDrug addiction is not caused by one specific trait or experience. Each Anchorage resident struggling with drug addiction has a different story of addiction composed of social, physical, genetic and psychological causes. Multiple causes and contributors to substance abuse make overcoming or even identifying addiction difficult.

Drugs Trigger Cravings for Continued Drug Use

Drug use leaves chemical residue in the body. These traces are stored in the fatty tissues and can only be removed with time. Drug residue can reenter the body long after drug use and activate cravings for the drug. Cravings place stress on recovering Anchorage residents and can trigger a return to drug use.

Lifestyle Can Cause or Support Drug Use in Anchorage

Drug addiction is typically accompanied by a lifestyle that supports drug use and addiction. Drug use gains prominence in the life of addicts, and preferences and priorities will conform to support addiction. Relationships, work and hobbies are set aside to make room for the ever increasing demands of addiction. Daily activities such as going to sleep, waking up, going to work and interacting with people become possible only through drug use. Life in Anchorage revolves around getting and using the drug of choice, and this can make thoughts of quitting and pursuing sobriety seem absurd.

Respond to the Causes of Drug Addiction in Anchorage

Acknowledging the causes of drug addiction is an important step towards sobriety. An informed user is more likely to realize the necessity of professional rehab help. Take advantage of your knowledge of addiction and its causes, as getting help is essential to a lasting drug-free life in Anchorage. If you recognize the signs of addiction in yourself or in someone that you love, please call our toll-free helpline. We are here 24 hours a day to help with insurance information, provide suggestions for treatment and guide you to the recovery resources that will support your desire to get clean.