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Why People Choose Drugs over FamilyDrug abuse is not static: it is invasive and slowly takes over more and more of the addict’s life. Often addiction will destroy addicts by damaging family relationships. When an addict allows this to happen, his loved ones are confused as to why he would abandon them for a drug. The reasons for this are complex, but there is hope to get your Anchorage loved one some help.

How Drug Abuse Changes Family Dynamics in Anchorage

After families realize that their Anchorage loved one has a drug addiction, each family member may react differently, possibly with any of the following emotions:

  • Anger at the addict’s weakness
  • Deep hurt and desperate attempts to regain the addict’s attention
  • Ignoring the addict to continue with life as painlessly as possible

Drugs alter an addict’s state of mind so that she often has the worst possible response to each of these reactions. A drug addict may exude volatility and mood swings, forcing her to respond in the following ways:

  • Avoiding or fighting the angry family member
  • Seeing the hurt, clinging loved one as a nuisance who is exaggerating the situation
  • Ignoring the one who ignores her, as this is one less person to interfere with drug use

On the other hand, some Anchorage drug addict may feel extreme guilt from their families’ hurts and seek to quit, but no one can permanently recover from addiction by unaided willpower. An addict’s will fail to get clean without support, which will drive him deeper into the arms of addiction for comfort. This may lead his family to believe that he is deliberately replacing their role with substance abuse when he actually just needs support.

Family Therapy in Addiction Recovery

Recovery professionals are a family’s best resource as their loved one begins breaking addiction. A certified interventionist can unite the family to get the addict into treatment, as well as maintain contact with the family to coach them through the addict returning home. Family therapists are also an important part of the recovery process, as addiction treatment is much easier when Anchorage family is supportive and involved. Therapists teach families to reestablish trust, advising them on how to trust the addict at first and how soon the relationship-mending should begin. Therapists also guide families to express their feelings in ways that are simultaneously honest and conducive to successful treatment.

Choose to Get Addiction Help

If reading this has given you hope that your Anchorage family can survive addiction, then call our toll-free helpline to find out about recovery programs near you. We are available 24 hours a day. Call today and let us help your family.