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Why is detox at a rehab center important?The process of getting clean from substance abuse is a difficult and important journey. This has been especially true in Anchorage, Alaska, where drug use has grown exponentially in recent decades. Many try to quit on their own only to relapse when confronted with the complexity of psychological addiction. However no one needs to experience the painful process of trying to detox at home, as highly successful treatment centers are available with cutting-edge customized therapies that not only alleviate the discomfort of withdrawal but also greatly increase the likelihood of long-term success.

The Complicated Nature of Addiction in Anchorage

There is much more to addiction than a simple habit that needs to be broken. Substance abuse creates two distinct types of addiction. Physical dependency and addiction are identified by a person’s need of a substance to feel normal physically. Psychological addiction is when the mind craves the drug on a deep emotional level. Many people mistakenly believe that the psychological addiction is not as serious as physical addiction. They believe that recovery is a matter of willpower or individual character. This is not true. Psychological addiction leads to more relapses than physical addiction and lasts much longer. While physical detox lasts from a few days to several weeks, the psychological compulsion can exist for years and can be nearly impossible to resist without specific rehab. Any Anchorage resident who is serious about getting clean should learn about the value of rehab centers to the detox process. The most effective rehab centers offer a wide array of services to give the recovering addict the comprehensive treatment he deserves.

Medically Supervised Detoxification Services at a Rehabilitation Center

Medical supervision during the detox process allows physicians to alleviate the most serious withdrawal symptoms. They can also observe the health of the recovering user and identify any health complications. Some drugs should not be quit abruptly, as withdrawal symptoms may be dangerous. The experts available through rehab centers can customize treatment to match an individual’s unique set of detox challenges.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment through a Rehabilitation Center

A feature found at the best rehab facilities is Dual Diagnosis treatment. Dual Diagnosis care involves uncovering underlying psychological issues that may contribute to the addiction or may undermine the recovery of the patient. It is common for people who have substance abuse issues to also struggle with other disorders such as anxiety or depression. Drug use may have been a conscious or subconscious attempt at self-medication.

Rehabilitation of the mind from the grip of psychological addiction is a large part of the recovery process. Psychological recovery requires time, focus and a holistic attention to all aspects of the individual and his or her addiction. Rehab centers can offer such features as the following:

  • Group and individual counseling
  • 12-step programs
  • Healthy food and restful conditions
  • The introduction of new habits and diversions
  • Holistic treatments like massage and acupuncture
  • Spiritual care
  • Continuing education
  • Consistent accountability
  • Luxury diversions like equine therapy

Find the Best Rehabilitation Options for Anchorage Residents

If you are living in Anchorage and are ready to make substance abuse a thing of the past for yourself or a loved one, call our toll-free helpline. Life is too short to waste on addiction. Make the call today, and begin the process of trading your present for a future full of hope.