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What Is The Most Dangerous Drug?Many Anchorage residents know that drugs are dangerous, but are some more risky than others? Is it worse to be addicted to cocaine as opposed to methamphetamine? Is addiction to a prescription drug dangerous? Any drug has the potential to be dangerous given the right circumstances, though some do perhaps pose an increased risk. The most dangerous drug is the one you are addicted to. Drug addiction can devastate your life as well as harm your loved ones. If an addiction is present, seek professional treatment. Drugs and Their Dangers While it would be difficult to compile a list of all drugs that possess dangers, the following are some dangerous addictive drugs and risks associated with them:

  • Alcohol. Anchorage users run the risk of liver failure and the potential to make dangerous mistakes while under the influence of alcohol.
  • Heroin. This opiate that can be fatal if taken in excess and the withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Anchorage users risk being infected with diseases when injecting the drug.
  • Methamphetamine. This is a stimulant that can permanently damage brain cells, resulting in symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease, in addition to posing the threat of lethal overdose.
  • OxyContin. OxyContin is a prescription painkiller that is often taken in unauthorized ways, such as snorting or by injection, to create euphoria, making overdose a serious threat. OxyContin also causes painful withdrawal symptoms if Anchorage addicts stop taking it.
  • LSD. This drug is an illegal psychedelic that is completely unregulated and has effects that are unpredictable. In addition to the increased body temperature and heart rate, it is impossible to predict the sorts of dangerous things you might do while you are hallucinating.
  • MDMA (ecstasy). Ecstasy is derived from natural sources that can cause feelings of ecstasy or euphoria. Because you’re not aware of your actions while on this drug, you have the potential to make reckless, potentially fatal mistakes.
  • Cocaine. Cocaine is a stimulant derived from the coca plant that can cause convulsions, heart failure and a cessation of breathing if taken in overdose, which can be fatal. It also causes heart problems, strokes, mental disorders and the threat of blood born infections such as HIV and hepatitis C when it is injected.

How to Reduce the Risk of Drug Addiction

If an Anchorage resident is using a drug and is worried about the dangers it might cause, the best way to decrease the risk of those dangers is to get professional help immediately. If you have developed an addiction, you need to undergo comprehensive rehab treatment that treats not only the physical addiction but also any underlying issue that might be contributing to that drug use. The exact treatment needed can vary depending on the specific drug used and the severity of the addiction, but elements such as detox, counseling, therapy and support group attendance will almost certainly be included. When Anchorage addicts get the support they need and get free from dangerous drug use, they significantly reduce the threat of danger to both themselves and their loved ones.

Anchorage Residents Can End the Dangers of Drug Use

Are you or someone you love in Anchorage using a potentially dangerous drug? Are you worried about the effects it might have on your life or the lives of others? Please call and let one of our trained counselors get you the help you need. We are here 24 hours a day to get you solutions for your drug problem, so please call our toll-free helpline now.