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The Personal and Professional Risks of a Gambling Binge

Gambling can cost you your bank account and your job

Gambling can affect Anchorage residents that struggle with addictive behaviors. Although people may begin gambling for entertainment, some of them cannot draw the line between having fun and having a problem. Gambling addictions usually begin as a problem, but it escalates over time. Problem gambling can lead both to physical and psychological side effects, and even to suicide. It and gambling addiction are on the rise, and they can lead to great personal and professional loss.

The effects of binge gambling are the same as drug abuse: drugs change brain chemicals in the areas of pain, impulse control, pleasure and reward. When these chemicals lose their ability to function normally, then the drug or behavior replaces normal brain function, which sends the wrong messages. Anchorage residents that struggle with gambling addiction must gamble to function normally, but the betting large amounts of money causes them to sacrifice everything to feed addiction.

An addiction is defined as continuing with a behavior in spite of the consequences associated with that behavior. Anchorage gambling addicts become tolerant to the behavior, so they should gamble even more to produce the same results. Although they potentially face financial ruin and the loss of family, friends and career, gambling addicts continue to escalate the very behavior that ruins their lives and the lives of those around them.

Anchorage casinos and lotteries provide easy access to gambling for gambling addicts. Horse racing, bingo, slot machines and betting on sports contests are other ways that gambling addicts feed their problem. According to Medical News Today, studies show certain types of gambling may intensify the habit. Games with a fast speed of play and those with a quicker wager-to-response time increase the risk for gambling addicts. Exposure to gambling at an early age can increase a person’s risk for developing a gambling addiction, as well as a family and personal history of substance abuse or other addictive tendencies.

Despite these problems, gambling addicts can recover if they have professional help. In other words, you cannot recover from this habit if you avoid treatment. Seek support as soon as possible to recover your life and wellbeing.

Help for Anchorage Gambling Addicts

Gambling binges can derail recovery from a gambling addiction. If you or an Anchorage loved one struggles with a gambling addiction, we are here to help. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to speak to an admissions coordinator about treatment options. Recovery is possible, so call us now for instant support.