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The Dangers of Leaving Addiction Rehab against Medical AdviceAnchorage residents from addiction must undergo rehab to conquer the drug or alcohol dependence. Though many addicts try to stop using on their own, attending addiction rehab is essential to a successful recovery. Once in rehab, addicts undergo two stages of treatment, detox and counseling. Detox flushes drugs from a user’s system under the supervision of medical and addiction experts. In counseling, addicts work to discover the causes of their addictions. Once identifying the cause(s), addicts can learn ways to cope with these issues without drugs.

Why Do Anchorage Residents Leave Rehab against Medical Advice?

Recovering addicts often underestimate the complexity of their addictions and treatment. To them rehab is a phase of detox followed by some counseling. After that, they believe that they can simply find the reason that they started to use and be done. However, addiction is complex illness that affects every Anchorage resident differently and can only be fully explained by an addiction counselor. Addiction treatment teaches addicts about situations that can trigger drug use, provides access to an aftercare group, and practices resisting relapse. For example, an Anchorage drug addict who uses drugs to mask an emotional wound must talk with a counselor about his emotional trauma. If not, he will have no way to fight the urge to use drugs after rehab. Once he feels emotional strain he will use again because that is his habit.

Another reason for early checkout is that rehab is an uplifting place. Not only are addicts being extensively encouraged, but they are also surrounded by professionals who help them succeed. Because of this, recovery may almost seem easy at the time. This leads many addicts to wonder if they should remain in treatment given its ease. However, once these addicts leave rehab and return to the real world where cravings abound and encouragement is scarce, it can be all too easy to relapse. What many recovering addicts do not know is that, when a drug user becomes an addict, her brain changes permanently. This change causes Anchorage users to crave their drug of choice constantly, regardless of their stage in recovery. Treatment centers specialize in teaching patients to deal with this ever present mindset.

Help for Anchorage Drug Addicts Wishing to Leave Rehab

If you or an Anchorage loved one is considering leaving rehab against medical advice, call our toll-free helpline now. Counselors are available 24 hours a day to explain the rehab process to you and help you decide whether or not leaving is your best option. Do not make an uninformed decision, so call us today.