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Making a Life In Recovery Your New Normal

Whether you ride a bike, read a book, play chess, draw or play an instrument, find something to get involved with

Starting your new life in recovery may feel like anything but normal, but learning to live this new life will benefit you and other Anchorage residents in many ways and will lead to a better life. You may not have noticed at the time, but living with an addiction changed the way you live, so you must change again to get and stay sober. If you are afraid of the changes that are taking place since you started your recovery, remember that the changes you are making are positive and a part of staying clean. Life may not feel normal right now, but in time you will regain a sense of normalcy, which will help you feel positive about sobriety.

Life as an Addict

Changing your life during addiction recovery is uncomfortable, partially because you are not used to it, but it is an improvement over life using drugs. Addiction affects every area of your life (your finances, your Anchorage family and etc.), so without making a change you will lose everything important to you. Whether you were struggling to make ends meet to get your next dose, or whether or you lied about your substance abuse, addiction complicates your life. Dealing with the complications of addiction adds unneeded stress to your life, which you can avoid during recovery.

Learning to Live Sober

Getting sober will cause many unexpected changes, but Anchorage residents can adapt if they stay involved in therapy. Speak with a therapist about how you are adjusting and he will help you work through the problems you are struggling with. One of the first things many recovering users notice is the amount of free time they have after they quit using drugs or alcohol. In response, find a new hobby or interest to get involved with, because this act will help you take advantage of your free time, and it will help reduce your stress. Whether you ride a bike, read a book, play chess, draw or play an instrument, find something to get involved with.

Addiction Recovery for Anchorage Residents

If you live in Anchorage and are ready to begin addiction recovery, call our toll-free helpline now to speak with an admissions coordinator today. Our staff are standing by 24 hours a day to speak with you about the benefits of rehab, and they can direct you to an effective treatment center. Get help for your addiction to step toward a new life; call now and be sure to ask if your health insurance will cover treatment.