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Insurance Help for RehabWhen you are battling an addiction, the cost of treatment may actually deter you from getting the help you need. Most people do not realize that their health insurance will help pay for the cost of drug treatment. Depending on your insurance plan, you may have all or at least some of the cost of rehab treatment covered.

Understanding Insurance Help for Rehab Treatment

When you are enrolling in an inpatient program, the majority of insurance policies will cover the first 30 days of your treatment. If you have health insurance, you should call you provider and ask about your coverage. As you prepare yourself for the financial aspects of drug addiction treatment, make sure to:

  • Question the length of time in rehab that will be covered
  • Get a list of eligible rehab centers that your policy will cover
  • Ask about other services after rehab, such as aftercare or outpatient programs

Don’t let the cost of rehab treatment stand in the way of the treatment you need. Your long-term finances will be more adversely affected if you don’t seek help for your addiction. Addiction costs individual thousands of dollars a year — in both the costs of the abused substance and lost productivity. Severe addiction can often lead to Anchorage addicts losing their jobs, homes, cars and savings, resulting in extreme financial ruin. In light of this kind of financial turmoil, addiction treatment rehab is well worth the upfront investment.

Additional Insurance Help for Rehab

If you are unsure how to proceed with your insurance company, contact us today at our toll-free number. We can help you determine the questions you need to ask your insurance company and also help you find an Anchorage drug treatment center or one in another state that will accepts your insurance plan.

In addition to insurance coverage for rehab treatment, there are other financial options available to you. Many rehab centers offer payment plans where you receive your treatment now and can pay back the treatment costs over time. Some facilities also offer sliding scale payment systems where your treatment costs are adjusted according to your income level.