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Insomnia and AddictionInsomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. It can be caused by depression, stress, anxiety, physical health problems or psychological health problems. A lack of sleep disrupts daily life and oftentimes worsens the conditions that cause it. If Anchorage residents suffer from this condition, they may be inclined to abuse drugs, but this can cause dangerous issues that will require professional treatment.

The Relationship between Insomnia and Addiction

Anchorage residents who struggle with insomnia face many problems, so they may go to great lengths to get the rest they need. Doctors will prescribe any number of drugs that can relieve the associated symptoms, but these medications are addictive due to their strong effects. These effects may tempt patients to overindulge in these medications or to abuse illicit drugs for the same feelings.

Physicians often prescribe sedatives such as Ambien and Lunesta to address insomnia. Benzodiazepines such as Xanax and Valium are also prescribed for sleeping disorders, but they often come with recommendations for short-term use because of their addictive potential. People with sleep disorders who utilize pharmacological drugs must carefully manage their medications to avoid addiction and long-term problems. Some people self-medicate their symptoms with opiates or illicit narcotics like heroin to produce a sense of euphoria along with the calm.

However, the connection between insomnia and addiction goes both ways. In other words, some Anchorage residents who never before struggled with insomnia may experience it as a result of drug abuse. This is because drugs affect the brain and body in various ways, and one of which is disrupted sleep patterns. The brain-altering chemicals contained in various types of drugs – from stimulants such as cocaine to opiates such as hydrocodone – can disrupt sleep or make it less effective. This is only one of many problems of addiction.

Treatment for Insomnia and Addiction

Anchorage residents who suffer from insomnia will perpetuate their sleep difficulties if they become addicted to drugs. Drugs may temporarily relieve insomnia, but the condition does not disappear, and sometimes it even worsens, with drug abuse. Developing a drug addiction alongside insomnia only adds one condition to another, but patients can seek treatment for both of these problems. Treatment will not only help addicts recover from addiction, but it will also address the underlying issues of addiction. If the insomnia stems from psychological issues, then delving into these issues may alleviate the insomnia as well as the addiction.

Help for Anchorage Drug Addicts with Insomnia

If you live in Anchorage and struggle with insomnia alongside a co-occurring addiction, then call our toll-free helpline right now. By reaching out to us you can speak with a trained counselor about a personalized treatment plan. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to help you regain control of your life, so please call today.