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How to Enjoy Life without DrugsEnjoying your life in Anchorage without drugs is simple and involves finding long-term fun.

Drug Abuse Is a Quick Fix

The popular questions of “Why do people abuse drugs?” and “Why do people get addicted?” can be answered with one response. A drug will give Anchorage residents a euphoric feeling before fading away quickly. This quick and easy happiness is what spurs on addiction, as users will try to recreate the high while diminishing intervals of sobriety. Joy with drugs is not real. Drug abuse is like taking weight loss pills instead of working out or cramming for an exam instead of actually studying. It’s an artificial escape from reality that will come back to haunt you in the long-run.

Enjoying Life in Anchorage without Drugs Is a Long-Term Fix

Enjoying life in Anchorage without drugs involves relearning how to have fun. Drug-free activities promote long-term happiness, and they are better for your health. Options for enjoying life without drugs include the following:

  • Exercise
    • Exercise isn’t limited to jogging or pumping iron. It can include a wide range of physical activities such as rock climbing, cycling, hiking or a new sport.
    • Exercise has shown to create a defense against relapse. Recent studies from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) show that exercise doubled a patient’s ability to quit and remain clean from substance abuse.
  • New relationships
    • Meeting new people is a great way to stay away from drugs and have a great time.
    • After getting clean you will want to stay away from the places and people involved with your drug use, so this is a perfect time to explore other social groups.
  • Hobbies
    • Picking up a new hobby can refocus your mind and dilute your cravings. Challenge yourself to accomplish goals within a new activity such as reading a book every month, learning a new language or adopting a pet.

Working out and forging healthy new relationships takes time and energy, but the further you get down the path of recovery the easier it becomes.

You Can Enjoy Life in Anchorage without Drugs

You don’t have to face addiction or recovery on your own. Give our recovery helpline a call today, and find out more about finding and enjoying a life without drugs. Our counselors are here 24 hours a day to help you realize the rewards of sober living. Call now.