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How Social Status Affects Drug UseSocioeconomic status can greatly influence an Anchorage resident’s drug addiction. Many people assume that those in lower socioeconomic brackets are more inclined to abuse drugs, but that’s not always the case. Social status influences what types of drugs people use and how they obtain them, but addiction is an issue at every social level. Also, Anchorage drug addicts will need professional help regardless of social status.

Drug Use and Anchorage Lower Class

Those in the lower-middle class often abuse illegal street drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. Much of the motivation to do drugs for this group comes from peer pressure and family history. Children who grow up in homes or communities where smoking is common are more like to try cigarettes later. One of the largest groups of new smokers in America in the past ten years is teenagers. Social status affects these statistics in that single parents, a parent working two jobs or parents who are not available for other reasons will not be as involved in their children’s lives.

The same is true in homes and communities where illegal drug use is prominent. Statistics show that the US consumes more than 60 percent of the world’s illegal drugs, and much of the illegal drug activity can be found in the inner-cities or lower socioeconomic areas. Illegal drug use is more common in these areas, but this may be due to the fact that the drugs are easier to get there.

Drug Use and Anchorage Middle Class

Drug use in the middle class and upper middle class looks different. In these socioeconomic areas, people are more likely to have health insurance and access to prescription drugs. Prescription painkillers may be readily available, so unsupervised Anchorage teens may be more likely to experiment with prescription drugs and alcohol. These families have many more advantages than their social counterparts, but the risk of drug and alcohol addiction remain high.

Social status greatly affects cigarette smoking. Anchorage’s middle class may be more health conscious and understand the dangers of tobacco use. They pay more attention to health and wellness and in general avoid smoking. Teens from these areas are less likely to try cigarettes because they have not been exposed to cigarette smoking in the home.

Drug Use and Anchorage Upper Class

The highest socioeconomic group has its own unique struggles with drug abuse and addiction. Wealthy people have greater access to both prescription and illegal drugs since cost is not an issue. This often leads to dangerous levels of recreational use, as frequent party goers experiment with lethal combinations to produce better highs. Drug use at this socioeconomic level is particularly dangerous because of those who enable drug user, like personal doctors or close friends with medical licenses.

Anchorage Addiction Help

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