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How Rehab Restores Self-EsteemLow self-esteem is frequently seen in addicts. Whether the addiction was the cause or result of self-esteem issues, Anchorage residents who feel inadequate and worthless are unlikely to find recovery because people suffering from low self-esteem also suffer from low motivation. Addicts with low self-esteem feel like they are not “good enough” for recovery, that their effort doesn’t even matter.

Repairing damaged or broken self-esteem is essential for addiction recovery as well as for one’s health, wellbeing and quality of life. If an individual is expected to take care of himself, he must believe that there is something worth taking care of; i.e. his life must have enough purpose and meaning that it can fuel the desire to stay clean.

How Quickly Can Rehab Restore Sense of Self-Esteem?

Restoring a strong sense of self-esteem does not happen overnight; it does not happen over a week. Self-esteem issues are deep-rooted, and it takes a lot of healing, time, and change in order to overcome these issues. Restoring self-esteem during addiction rehab can take even longer, as many addicts in Anchorage feel so disappointed, guilty, and ashamed of their addiction and behavior. What recovery professionals must do during rehab is to get their patients to accept that the addiction is a disease. Addiction will take-over a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and by getting help, these Anchorage residents can reverse this addictive behavior, and once again be the healthy individual that he wants to be.

Self-esteem issues can derive from events as early as childhood, which is why repairing these issues can take time; however, no matter how long ago or how severe an issue was that influenced poor sense of self, Anchorage residents can change how they view and feel about themselves. Rehab can do wonders for restoring self-esteem and self-worth.

Repairing Self-Esteem and Self-Worth During Rehab

In order for an Anchorage resident to repair his self-esteem and self-worth he must genuinely develop a true sense of self. Self-esteem cannot be found through others. Such Anchorage residents must get reacquainted with themselves and improve on what they need to, in order to genuinely feel good about themselves. The great thing about rehab is that allows these individuals to have a second chance at life. Rehab is a time for change, and individuals who are not proud and happy of who they are and how they live can identify the things they wish to change. Various therapies, counseling, skill-training, support groups, and treatments can be used to implement positive changes. Improving or creating a lifestyle, attitude, thought-process, and personality can provide an Anchorage resident with a life that he is truly content with. This will take time, support, and the help of others.

Find a Rehab Program that Will Work for You

If you are ready for recovery, but need help finding a rehab program that will work for your individual needs, we can help. Our toll-free helpline is operated 24 hours a day by recovery professionals who can assist you with your questions, concerns, and needed information. You have options when it comes to rehab, and choosing the right ones can make all the difference in your recovery. Please, do not risk your future in recovery on issues like cost, convenience, or fear. Let someone with experience and training help you find the programs and services that are right for your unique needs. Call a recovery professional today, and learn more about how we can help you achieve recovery.