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How Negative Attention Can Influence Drug UseDealing with a loved one in Anchorage who is battling a drug addiction is always upsetting, but more challenging is knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to find a way to support him or her without encouraging bad behavior. Many times, families reach a breaking point where negativity surrounding their loved one’s drug abuse is all they can see and talk about. This can quickly backfire, as often times, negative attention such as the following can fuel your loved one to use even more:

  • Judgment: It is easy to say “I’m not addicted to drugs, why are you?” or ask, “What is their problem?” This type of mindset and behavior is an expression of judgment, whether intentional or not. The user can quickly pick up on this and may begin to feel inferior to his or her loved ones, turning instead to drugs to help cope.
  • Verbal abuse: Drug addiction is highly stressful, and many times those dealing with a user will breakdown and say upsetting, angry things that he or she does not mean to say. Name calling and putting down the user’s lifestyle may force him or her to try to prove others wrong by trying to function normally under the influence.
  • Lack of support: Many families and friends choose to cut the user off entirely, from finances to shelter. While this can be a “rock bottom” approach to the drug abuse, it can also make the user feel as though no one is willing to help. The very idea that there is no one left to turn to can leave the user feeling very alone, with only drugs to turn to.

Why Anchorage Residents Choose to Use Drugs

An Anchorage drug user can experience an array of emotions when negative attention is put on his or her drug use. The addict may turn to their drugs as a defensive mechanism, thus promoting the cycle of abuse. Emotions leading to drug use include the following:

  • Anger: The verbal abuse and judgment that can come from loved ones who don’t understand the user’s emotions or their need to abuse drugs can incite anger in the user. This anger may manifest into something much more negative – he or she may become violent toward themselves or others, or they may take a higher dosage of drugs to deal with their emotions.
  • Resentment: Lack of communication and understanding can lead to both sides developing strong resentment toward one another. When a user develops this resentment, he or she can act out irrationally, taking more drugs or different drugs than normal.
  • Blame: Users may blame themselves for how their family situation has turned out, or they may also blame members of their family for causing the breakdown in communication. The user most likely feels alone and singled out, like the black sheep of the family. Combine a lonely person with a drug addiction, and their drug abuse not only becomes stronger, but also more complex.

Unsure of How to Approach Drug Use in Anchorage?

Every drug user has individual needs and specific reactions, and the most efficient way to handle a drug user in your family or amongst your friends in Anchorage is to get the information necessary to properly function alongside the user on a daily basis. Reaching out to an interventionist or a therapist can help create a plan of action to get your loved one the treatment he or she deserves. Do not wait any longer – please, call us during this difficult time. Our helpline is toll free and available to you 24 hours a day. Let us help you and your loved one get back on track toward a better life in Anchorage.