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How Natural Disasters Can Trigger a RelapseNatural disasters can devastate an individual’s emotions. The trauma of a natural disaster can induce severe stress that Anchorage residents can overcome after the disaster subsides. However, people may experience serious stress in the aftermath of a disaster, which can evolve into an anxiety disorder known as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The problem with this for drug addicts is that stress and PTSD are two of the most prevalent causes for drug and alcohol relapse. PTSD has high potential to cause the following issues:

  • Initiating first time drug or alcohol use
  • A significant increase in drug or alcohol abuse in current users
  • A relapse back into drug or alcohol abuse even after long periods of abstinence

Anchorage residents who are recovering from addiction may have a hypersensitivity to stress. Because former addicts may be unable to react to stress normally, they are more vulnerable to use drugs as a coping method. Stress can also significantly increase drug cravings. A natural disaster can cause severe depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping and nightmares. Former drug addicts have high potential to relapse into drug abuse in order to suppress stress and its resultant symptoms. Other factors that stem from a natural disaster and increase the risk of relapse include the following issues:

  • Fear – A natural disaster forces people to lose all sense of control, which can result in severe panic and fear. A former addict is prone to relapse back into drug abuse as a means to numb feelings of fear and loss of control.
  • Depression – Natural disasters cause heavy loss among affected individuals. Various situations can destroy homes and other personal belongings, while they also take the lives of Anchorage family members and friends. Combining all of these problems can result in severe depression for anyone. Former addicts are highly susceptible to drug relapse to cope with their depression.

Ignoring these issues or avoiding treatment for trauma, stress, fear or depression can have adverse effects on relapse and continued drug abuse. Anchorage residents need immediate and proper treatment from a professional to help prevent relapse.

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