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How do I know when it's time for rehab?Prescription drug addiction is an epidemic across the country, from Florida to where you are in Anchorage. They are difficult to treat, because these addictions are the most difficult to diagnose. Addictions are easy to spot in individuals who consistently use recreational substances, but for Anchorage patients who use controlled substances as prescribed by their doctor addictions can remain cleverly disguised. The most common drugs that lead to addictions are prescription opiates used for managing pain.

The painkiller addiction process usually begins after a surgery or traumatic injury. An individual begins using an opioid pain reliever and will experience the effects of tolerance. Tolerance occurs when a person’s body begins to counteract the effects of a drug. The longer someone uses a prescription medication, the less effective it will become. Tolerance can be especially dangerous for patients who need daily pain relief, because they usually respond to tolerance by taking more frequent or higher doses of medication. This can lead to dependency, a situation in which users believe they need regular doses of a drug to function normally.

Warning Signs of Dependency

Dependency is usually a precursor to addiction. If you fear that you may be at risk for an addiction to your prescription medication or you are contemplating seeking treatment, there are a few general warning signs that can help you identify dependency. One of the first warning signs is running through your prescription too quickly. The dosage prescribed to you by your doctor or other medical professional is designed to provide you with safe daily amounts. If you find that you are resorting to visiting multiple doctors for a consistent supply of your drug of choice, you are at risk for dependency and will need to begin thinking about treatment options. Addictions usually start in the mind. Take some time to think about how you use your prescription. Do you feel as though nothing else works? Do you feel incapable of carrying out the normal responsibilities of daily life without it? If you rely heavily on your medication, consider rehab.

Rehabilitation Resources for Anchorage Residents

If you live in or near Anchorage and suspect that you may need rehab, we are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and find the best recovery resources for you. Our helpline is toll free, and counselors are standing by right now to help you. Please call today.