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Help for Addiction to Benzos and AlcoholEducating Anchorage families about addiction and recovery can help increase awareness and decrease substance abuse. But it takes more than just setting a good example as parents. Children and other family members need to understand what substance abuse does to a person’s body, brain, and the impact it has on those around them. Family members of addicted loved ones who want to help need the proper education to understand their role in the recovery process.

Drug Awareness Education for Anchorage Families

Drug awareness education program in schools are a great way to educate both children and families in Anchorage about the dangers of drug abuse. Children who have parents with substance abuse problems often see or hear something in a drug awareness lesson that can empower them to ask for help. Drug awareness programs help children learn to say no to drugs by standing up to peer pressure. They also help children recognize what drugs are, what they do, and how addiction can change a person’s life forever. Educating kids about street drugs as well as prescription drugs can give them to tools they and their families need to start conversations about drug abuse in the home.

Anchorage Family Addiction Support

Getting your family members in Anchorage the help they need to cope with an addicted loved one can make a huge impact on the success of that loved one’s recovery. Understanding the role each family member plays in the addiction can help the addicted loved one see how relationships need to change. Family members can learn how to communicate in positive ways with their addicted loved one and end behaviors that enable him or her to keep using. Family therapy sessions are an important part of any drug addiction rehabilitation program. By giving family members the tools they need to communicate with their addicted loved one, rehab programs treat the entire problem, not just the individual in recovery.

Anchorage Family Intervention Help

Once a family becomes educated about a loved one’s addiction, they may realize they need the help of a trained interventionist to get him or her into treatment. Trained interventionists can work with Anchorage families to help them plan, rehearse, and carry out an intervention that will lead their loved one into treatment. Trained interventionist can also help family members find the right kind of treatment for their addicted loved one. A trained interventionist will also help the members of the intervention team learn to communicate with their loved one in a loving but firm way as they work to make her realize her need for help.

Finding Help for Anchorage Families Dealing with Addiction

Becoming educated about a loved one’s addiction can give you the tools you need to get her into a treatment program. If you or a loved one in Anchorage struggles with addiction, we are here to help you. Call our toll-free number 24 hours a day to speak to a helpline counselor. We can answer your questions about addiction and help you find the right treatment program for your unique situation.