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Effects of Long-term Drug UseMany Anchorage residents who struggle with a drug problem ask serious questions about their situation. They may wonder the following:

  • “How did this happen?”
  • “Where did I go wrong?”
  • “What is my future if I can’t quit?”
  • “How can I quit?”
  • “Who can I talk to?”

Every person who struggles with a long-term drug problem has his or her own story. Sometimes drug addiction begins with legitimate prescription for a painkiller to help cope with a chronic or acute pain. The slide into drug use begins without any intention of breaking the law, misusing the drug or becoming dependent. Other addictions have causes that may be rooted in social situations, family issues or psychological issues or mental conditions that have never be diagnosed or treated. The cause of addiction is important to know, but regardless of cause long-term drug use and addiction will have a severe impact on the health, relationships and finances of any Anchorage resident.

Effects of Long-term Drug Abuse in Anchorage

Physical effects of drug abuse can be severe, long-lasting and potentially fatal for Anchorage residents. Long-term drug use can severely affect your major organs and your brain function. You will develop a tolerance to the drug and will have to take more to experience any positive effect, and negative effects will increase with dosage. The longer you abuse the drug, the more likely you are to overdose or take a potentially deadly combination of drugs. Other effects of long-term drug use include the following:

  • Psychological effects can develop as a result of drug use
  • There are certain drugs that will trigger episodes of paranoia and delusions
  • Memory loss is a common long-term effect of using drugs
  • Relationships almost always suffer
  • Drug use harms your ability to relate to others in healthy ways declines
  • Any deception that you engage in to hide your drug use can only weaken trust and intimacy
  • Economic decline often results from drug use or related job loss

You can avoid the negative effects of alcohol by getting help to get sober. The longer you avoid calling for help, the worse the effects will become.

End the Effects of Long-Term Drug Use in Anchorage

No matter how long you’ve been abusing drugs, you can always take the first steps toward quitting. Call our toll-free 24 hour helpline to talk to someone who can answer questions and help you find a drug-free life in Anchorage.