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Beer and baseball

Sporting events are exciting activities to observe, but they also bring the heightened risk of substance abuse. Substance abuse is a constant threat no matter what activity you are engaged in, but some activities, such as attending a sporting event, may increase the risk of drug abuse, because drugs may be readily available at these venues. Even if you attend a sporting event and do not plan on abusing a substance, you are more likely to do so when other people are doing it. This means that Anchorage residents who struggle with addiction should take extra precautions against relapse if they attend any game where drugs will be.

What Type of Substances Are Abused at Sporting Events?

The substances abused at sporting events vary by area, but alcohol is prevalent at countless games across the nation. Additionally, not only is alcohol commonly abused at sporting events, but also before and after the game, because alcohol abuse is often encouraged during these times. Whether during tailgating before the game, taking shots after a touchdown or enjoying a game with beer, you will likely be exposed to alcohol abuse at a sporting event, even if you do not want to drink. Furthermore, in areas where marijuana use is legal, you may see people abusing that drug, too. Other drugs, such as prescription drugs, may also be abused at a sporting event, so Anchorage should be aware of all the threats they may at sporting events.

Why Avoid Alcohol Abuse at a Sporting Event?

When Anchorage residents attend sporting events and see countless people abusing alcohol, they may wonder why they should not do so too. But, even though you are at a sporting event and everyone seems to be abusing alcohol, you still face the same risks of drunkenness that you would anywhere else. If you have to drive home after the game, you must be sober to do so safely. Even a few drinks could cause legal problems if you were pulled over, and these few drinks could also cause an accident. If you have a problem with alcohol abuse, then drinking will make it more difficult for you to recover. There is never a safe time to abuse alcohol, no matter what the situation is.

Help for Anchorage Alcoholics

If you live in Anchorage and have problems with substance abuse, the only way for you to recover is to seek professional help. Without addiction treatment you will not receive the attention and direction needed to beat addiction. In that light, call our toll-free helpline today to speak with our admissions coordinators about addiction treatment and how it can help you. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, and they can even let you know if your health insurance will cover rehab. Call now for instant, professional support.