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Do Genetics Impact Addiction Recovery?A family history of drug and alcohol addiction has long been considered to be a large contributing factor in an individual’s propensity towards addiction. If one or more of your parents were addicted to drugs or alcohol your chances of becoming an addict is increased by as much as fifty percent. However, it is more than just the family environment that increases the likelihood that you will become an addict. Genetics, in fact, can play large part.

Anyone Can Become An Addict

Everyone has the potential to become an addict. Repeated use or abuse of drugs or alcohol increases that potential. If you repeatedly use drugs as a means to cope with stress and problems your brain soon becomes “wired” to expect and crave the effects of the drug. Whether you are using drugs to escape or relax it can soon lead to addiction. You need to learn new skills to keep you from relying on drugs to cope. The right treatment program will help you discover what triggers your drug use and also diagnose any underlying problems you may have. Many addicts are suffering from mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety that only grow worse without treatment.

There Are Many Factors You Can Control

Although you have no control over the genetics you inherit or the family environment you are born into, there are contributing factors to addiction that you can control. If you have a family member, especially a parent, that has battled addiction you need to be made aware of your increased genetic risk. Many people can use alcohol or drugs occasionally without any problems but due to your particular genetic makeup you may not be able to quit once you start. Just because you are genetically geared toward addiction doesn’t mean you will end up an addict. Many people with a strong family history of drug or alcohol abuse lead happy addiction free lives. If you are an already an addict you can overcome your addiction and teach the next generation how to avoid your mistakes.

Learning how to cope with stress without turning to drugs is a huge part of recovering from addiction. Like any disease, addiction is partially due to genetics and partially due to poor life choices. However, it is not a disease caused by weakness or poor willpower. It should be viewed as a disease that requires lifelong treatment. If you find it impossible to control how much or how long you are using drugs or alcohol and continue to use in spite of the negative consequences you are an addict. Addiction and its consequences only grow worse over time and now is the time to quit. Recovery is possible even if you are at a genetic disadvantage. By enrolling in a program of quality rehab treatment, you can break the generational curse of addiction.

Do You Need Addiction Help?

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