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Causes of Accidental Drug AddictionMany Anchorage residents may not know that a drug addiction can develop accidentally. Drug addiction can happen to people who are trying to take their prescription medications effectively but may not be aware of the proper precautions when taking such prescriptions. Always be sure to double check with your doctors and/or pharmacists to make sure you understand your dosage instructions and are able to follow them correctly.

How Tolerance May Lead Anchorage Residents into an Accidental Drug Addiction

Tolerance is one of the main reasons people become addicted to drugs accidentally. If someone is taking a prescription medication and is not following their dosage instructions carefully, they are putting them at great risk of addiction through tolerance. Tolerance occurs when your body adjusts to a certain level of a drug in your system and stops responding to it. If you are not aware of this risk, then you may just take more of the drug to get the desired effect. However, this is abusing your prescription and is putting you at risk of drug addiction. As your dosages increase in relation to your increasing tolerance, you may find yourself in the midst of a heavy drug cycle, and even addiction, before you are even aware that anything is wrong.

Anchorage Residents Looking for Help with Accidental Addiction

One of the reasons accidental addiction is so dangerous is that the Anchorage residents who become addicted accidentally may be too ashamed to reach out for help. However, if you have become addicted accidentally, it is important to understand that it is not your fault and you will not be judged for finding help.

More Information for Anchorage Residents on Accidental Drug Addiction

Call our toll-free helpline that is available to Anchorage residents 24 hours a day to help find the answers to any questions on accidental drug addiction now. Our recovery counselors can help you find the right treatment facility for your specific situation and even help you find out if your insurance will be able to help you pay for treatment. Call us now and get the help and information that you need to jumpstart your recovery from drug addiction today.