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Attention-Seeking Behaviors and AddictionAddiction is a problem that brings serious physical, mental and social harm to its victims. But those who suffer from addiction may be hoping the addiction is ignored rather than treated in Anchorage. Addicts may engage in behavior meant to attraction the attention of people around them and divert attention away from the addiction.

Addiction recovery professionals have a name for these intentional diversions: attention-seeking behaviors. A comprehensive recovery from addiction must address this habit of manipulation in Anchorage.

What Are Attention-Seeking Behaviors?

Buying flashy luxurious items, dressing suggestively or strangely, or endlessly talking about personal achievements are all attention-getting behaviors. People may be prompted to do those things because of feelings of insecurity or loneliness, deficient coping skills, or underlying personality disorders.

Addicts in Anchorage may also exhibit attention-seeking behaviors and may be suffering from underlying problems of addiction.

Attention-Seeking through Drama

Addicts are especially likely to seek attention in Anchorage with dramatic statements or a personal crisis. This may include the following:

  • Threats of self-harm
  • Offensive statements that lead to an argument
  • Destruction of items with symbolic meaning
  • Declarations of despair or hopelessness

Their goal is to evoke emotions and capture the attention of the people around them. In this way, the addict may gain control of a situation by creating a feeling of crisis.

Working through Attention-Seeking Behaviors

Most problems don’t go away when they are ignored. In the case of attention-seeking behaviors, however, ignoring them is at least part of the solution in Anchorage. When someone is doing something to elicit a response from someone else, it usually does not matter if that response is positive or negative. Scolding and praising, hitting and hugging all reward the attention-seeking behavior. The best thing to do is nothing at all. The solution can be as simple as leaving the room when attention-seeking behaviors begin and refusing to engage in the conversation once it has clearly become unproductive.

When family and friends learn to recognize and neutralize attention-getting behaviors, they are helping to prepare their loved ones for success in treatment and recovery. As part of a comprehensive treatment, any program the addict begins will have to help him or her to find ways to avoid this manipulative behavior in Anchorage.

Seek Real Help

If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction, you may already know a great deal about attention-seeking behavior. Call our toll-free helpline to learn more. We are ready for your call 24 hours a day.