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5 Tips for Safe Prescription Drug UseAs America develops the nickname, “the prescribed nation,” people must understand the dangers associated with taking prescription drugs, espeically since more and more Anchorage residents are getting authorization to use them. Many of the most commonly prescribed drugs can be highly addictive, and even more pose health risks when taken inappropriately. Learning to ensure safety when using prescriptions can be the difference between life and death.

5 Tips for safe prescription drug use

The following tips can help Anchorage residents avoid drug addiction:

  • Keep your doctor in the loop with all medications you are taking, including over-the-counter drugs. This gives your doctor the knowledge she needs to have before prescribing you any other medications. It also allows for an open conversation between yourself and your doctor regarding what you are taking, what you should stop taking, and what you might need to start taking.
  • Know the side effects of every drug you take. One of the most common mistakes for those who end up having problems with prescription drugs is that they are unaware on what the side effects can be, thus causing problems as side effects either counteract or strengthen each other. By research prescription drugs, talking with your doctor and monitoring your health, Anchorage can be aware of the signs of danger when they occur rather than when it is too late.
  • Both starting and stopping a prescription requires careful professional monitoring. Beginning on the lowest dose possible is the best option to avoid unwanted side effects and also to determine how much is necessary to treat your issue(s). When stopping a medication, it is crucial to speak with your doctor about ways to wean yourself off the drug, as many substances can form physical dependencies and negative reactions if stopped cold turkey.
  • Take your medication as directed. Taking medications at incorrect times of the day, doubling up on doses or missing doses can be detrimental to your prescription use. This can cause inconsistencies that can negatively impact your health, so Anchorage residents who wish to avoid unpleasantries will be diligent with their drug use.
  • Know when your medication expires. Taking prescriptions that are past expiration can be risky as it will no longer have the same effects it would have while still good. When your medication expires, make sure you dispose of it properly so it does not get into the hands of an Anchorage resident who should not be taking it.

Prescription drug use can be flawless if users know what they should be taking, why and at what doses. Having all this information can provide for a better result than if they don’t know what to expect with their medications. People create dangerous problems when they lack the right information, limit communication with their doctors, and take pills outside of how they are directed.

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