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4 Ways to Overcome the Temptation to Drink Alcohol on a Holiday

The Temptation to Drink Alcohol on a Holiday

Alcohol relapse is the resumption of alcohol use after an attempt at abstinence. Holidays can be a particularly difficult time for recovering alcoholics in Anchorage to avoid relapse. When a recovering alcoholic has a holiday off of work, he or she may be unsure of how to spend the day. He may be accustomed to drinking during long periods of free time and having an entire day at home while trying to remain sober may be difficult. However, recovering alcoholics can take certain steps to prevent alcohol relapse on a holiday and Anchorage communities can help.

#1 Participate in Positive Activities

An important aspect of a successful recovery from alcoholism is establishing a new lifestyle with a daily routine that allows the recovering alcoholic to avoid drinking. Recovering alcoholics often dedicate themselves to their careers and their families in order to diminish the desire to drink. Unfortunately, a holiday may interfere with a recovering drinker’s routine, placing him at an increased risk for relapse. During alcohol addiction treatment, recovering alcoholics learn to avoid relapse by finding positive ways to spend their free time. Anchorage residents could seek positive activities that promote recovery such as hobbies and exercise. One way recovering alcoholics can avoid holiday relapse is by filling their day with healthful activities.

#2 Make Plans with Sober Friends and Family Members

Another way that Anchorage’s recovering alcoholics can avoid holiday relapse is by making plans to spend the day with sober friends or family members. Spending the day alone may increase the temptation to drink, and spending time with others who drink may place the recovering alcoholic in close proximity to alcohol, which can become a relapse trigger. However, enjoying the day with friends or family members near Anchorage who do not drink will help the recovering alcoholic keep his mind off of alcohol. Furthermore, spending the day with people who support his recovery can be a positive and fulfilling experience for the recovering drinker.

#3 Contact a Sponsor or Trusted Support Person

If a recovering alcoholic feels the urge to slip away from his holiday activities and drink, he can call a trusted support person in Anchorage, such as a sponsor, for help. Sponsors, support persons who have also struggled with alcoholism, are able to offer sympathy when a recovering alcoholic is facing the temptation to drink. A sponsor will probably understand how difficult holidays can be for recovering drinkers and be able to offer advice based on experience, as well as lend a listening ear.

#4 Attend a 12-Step or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Related Holiday Event

Programs such as AA and other 12-Step support groups often offer holiday events for recovering drinkers. Holiday functions that are associated with recovery groups offer a safe place for Anchorage’s recovering alcoholics to celebrate and socialize without the fear of coming into close proximity with alcohol. By attending one of these functions, a recovering drinker can find community with others who are in a similar situation and build his network of support.

What Happens if a Recovering Alcoholic Relapses?

Although relapse can be a discouraging incident for a recovering alcoholic, it is a common part of the recovery process. Recovering alcoholics should not feel as if they have failed due to a single relapse. Instead, Anchorage addicts can view relapse as an isolated mistake. Recovering alcoholics can remedy an incident of relapse by seeking support immediately and continuing to follow their plan for achieving addiction recovery. If the relapse was brought on by a holiday, then the recovering alcoholic can make a plan for how to avoid relapse with help from loved ones in the Anchorage community on future holidays.

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