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Rehab GuideTo help increase your odds of success at an addiction treatment center, there are a few things you should know about drug rehab. The rehabilitation process can seem intimidating to those who aren’t aware of how it works. Understanding more about the process allows individuals to hit the ground running once they enter into drug treatment.

Get Results with Drug Rehab

A drug rehab program is a professional treatment process where you can overcome both the physical and psychological components of addiction. This is accomplished through the stages of detox, counseling and aftercare. Detox cleanses your system of toxins. Counseling deals with the psychological addiction to drugs, helping you learn more effective ways of dealing with the “triggers” that lead to abuse and addiction. Finally, aftercare helps you cope with the challenges of living a sober life once drug rehab is complete.

Drug Rehab Help for Families

When you are addicted to drugs, it impacts the entire family. Similarly, family members play an integral role in the drug rehab process. First, parents or siblings are the most likely ones to call for an intervention. Next, there is often a chance to take part in family therapy. These sessions give family members a chance to talk openly and honestly about how addiction has impacted their lives. The counselor will provide guidance on how everyone can communicate in a healthier manner that promotes sobriety and recovery.

Not every drug rehab will offer family therapy; if this is something that is important to you, make sure your selected facility offers this option during treatment.

Different Drug Rehabilitation Styles

There are different types of drug rehab programs that can offer you the help you need.  Each one of the treatment programs listed below is designed to help you break the cycle of addiction in a way that best fits your lifestyle and personal needs.

  • Residential Drug Rehab.  Residential rehab is when you move into the treatment center and receive constant care from treatment professionals.
  • Outpatient Drug Rehab. Outpatient rehab features treatment during the day, giving you the freedom to return home in the evening.
  • Holistic Drug Rehab. Holistic rehab care addresses you as a whole person and incorporates elements of yoga, meditation and other centuries-old Eastern practices to aid in overall healing and wellness.
  • Military Drug RehabMilitary drug rehab addresses addiction issues through counseling designed exclusively for the men and women of the armed forces.

Finding Help

Please call us if you need more information beyond Anchorage drug treatment on how to select the right treatment center outside of Alaska. We are here to help you achieve sobriety and recover from your addiction.